Friday, November 9, 2012

Naked sex is Haram

Where do they come up with this? "Taking clothes off while making love is haram"
A relationship is based on justice; emotional, material and sexual.

Quraan consistently calls on men and women on an equal basis to be just.  Here is my understanding on the topice, if a man can have an orgasm, the woman has the right to have one or she can file for divorce - that was the kind of freedom made available by the prohet in the 7th century when the entire worlds treated woman as a chattel. 

Here is a fatwa, that tells, "taking off the clothes during making love is not legal.. its is haram". The issuer of this fatwa probably has never known what a genuine orgasm is,  if he wears the clothes and takes it out as an animal then he will never understand, and has reduced woman to a productive machine and that is downright disgusting and goes against God's will - he has created men and women for each other.

It has nothing to do with Islam or Quraan, it is all a men thing.

It took me ten years to tackle on these funny fatwas. I will post some of these on this blog

Mike Ghouse

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