Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ridiculous fatwas which have nothing to do with Islam


Abdulaziz Al-Sammari

A large number of fatwas (religious edits) have been issued of late. The majority of them have nothing to do with Islam. They are instead expressing the psychological mood of a certain society at a given time or place. Many of these fatwas are of a political or social nature. They also  reflect the cultural and geographical situation of a society and its norms and traditions.

I have deep reservations about all of these fatwas which have no connection to our religion in any way. For instance, in Egypt, a recent fatwa was issued allowing husbands to run for their lives if they fear that they might be killed defending their wives. In Islam a man is considered to be a martyr if he is killed while defending his honor or that of his wife. However, this fatwa says the husband may run for his life if he believes that the attackers wishing to rape his wife may turn against him.

Another Egyptian fatwa says a husband can divorce his wife by means of a text message or a telephone call. There is another fatwa giving the army and the police the right to kill political opponents.

In Saudi Arabia there is a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from traveling to Western countries. Another fatwa says it is against Islam to travel to Dubai. Other Saudi fatwas prohibit women from working, prevent women from marrying their drivers and declare that it is against Islam to exchange gifts of red roses on Valentine’s Day.

There are also alleged fatwas in the Kingdom permitting employees to bribe their superiors in order to get promotions.

In Iraq a fatwa was issued asking people to fight for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Before this an Iraqi fatwa asked Iraqis to kill  American soldiers.

In Syria, a fatwa called all Syrians to support President Assad in his war against his own people. Another fatwa gave people permission to eat dog and cat meat in case of a famine. In Lebanon there is a fatwa permitting the killing of Syrian refugees who have sought refuge in the country. A fatwa in Jordan says Muslims from outside Arab and Muslim countries can visit Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

In Morocco, a fatwa was issued permitting pregnant women who have a craving for alcohol to drink it without any reservations. In the same country, another fatwa permitted close contact between men and women in crowded buses during the fasting month of Ramadan. The fatwa says that a man may have an orgasm while touching a woman in the bus without breaking his fasting.

A fatwa in Libya says it is “halal” to kill the supporters of former leader Muammar Gaddafi.

In Yemen a recent fatwa said sleeping in the Square of Change during the revolution is similar to spending the night in Mina and Muzdalifah during the Haj.

These are some of the fatwas which I have recently read in newspapers. They are all false and have nothing to do with Islam. They were issued for political or social reasons. Islam is a great religion and has nothing to do with these trivialities.

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